Traditional Heavy Metal

Traditional heavy metal, also known as classic metal or simply heavy metal, is the seminal genre of heavy metal music before the genre evolved and splintered into many different styles and subgenres.

Traditional heavy metal sound is in many cases similar to that of hard rock, and as previously mentioned some authors even consider as synonymous to hard rock.

According to this view, original heavy metal is characterized by mid-to-fast-tempo riffs, by thumping basslines, crunchy riffs, extended lead guitar solos, and clean, often high-pitched vocals and anthemic choruses. One of the most important and innovative concepts of traditional heavy metal was the use of the double lead guitar pioneered by bands like Scorpions and Judas Priest.

The best Traditional Heavy Metal albums

The Crimson Idol
1992 / Capitol Records
Master of Reality
1971 / Warner Bros. Records
Mercyful Fate
1982 / Rave-On Records
1983 / Roadrunner Records
Court in the Act
1983 / Roadrunner Records
Don't Break the Oath
1984 / Roadrunner Records
1970 / Warner Bros. Records
1982 / Polydor Records
Life Sentence
2013 / Listenable Records
The Headless Children
1989 / Capitol Records
Heaven and Hell
1980 / Warner Bros. Records
Visual Lies
1987 / Metal Blade Records
Headless Cross
1989 / I.R.S. Records
Love You to Pieces
1985 / Metal Blade Records
1992 / I.R.S. Records
Return of the Snow Giant
2004 / Sonic Age Records
Taken by Force
1977 / RCA Records
1975 / NEMS Records
Black Sabbath
1970 / Vertigo Records